Team Members

Team Members


If you have ever taken on any invention project, you will know that it takes hundreds of hours of dedication and thousands of dollars to even pull off even the smallest innovative projects. When you work on a complex design, those numbers can compound into the tens of thousands of dollars and years of dedicated time.

It has taken an enormous amount of effort, discipline, sacrifice, dedication, focus, and financial obligation to get to the current state of development. We have not only set the bar high in technology development, but we have also achieved all our current goals by presenting two technologies that have merit in changing the world as we know it. There is also a third technology that is in the works that will take lighter than air travel to the next level. That’s another story. For now, I would like to personally highlight some of my key individuals that assist in their specific fields when it comes to the slow meticulous process of creating an idea from scratch to making it into a reality.

I have carefully selected the best team members in the world. Between all of us, we can create anything you can imagine. No matter what future project we work on, the people below will be a permanent part of my team.

Robert G. Wajda – Solar Wind Turbine CEO and Inventor

Robert G. Wajda

Robert G. Wajda – Visionary Inventor of the Future

I am the Inventor of the Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist (US PUB #2023-0383728-A1) and the Ducted Vortex (US PAT NO. 11699760). There is already a lot of technical information about me in both Solar Wind Turbine and r Ducted Vortex about the inventor sections so I will focus my attention on highlighting some key players that have contributed to these projects.

I use the same innovative and drafting techniques that were practiced in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Back then, inventors, engineers, and physicists were the heroes of the day. Our economy is still running off those early innovations and I get my energy from these past pioneers.  

All of my projects were conceived decades ago, and I have a process that I go through to make sure every project is completed within a specific amount of time.

You can see read more about Robert G. Wajda at the following address:

I am thankful for my incredible team which is listed below. They have all made sacrifices so we can keep each project moving forward.

Kumar and Studio1Hub – Chief Web Site Development and Graphics Design

This is S. Kumar, my chief website design and graphic design artist. About 20 years ago, I wanted to create an award-winning logo for an early business, so I placed my project into an international competition.

This competition had all the top graphic designers in the world compete for your business by sending watermarked thumbnail drafts. The price was already set and all I had to do was to pick the designer that understood the project the best and did the best work.

Interestingly, the designer I awarded the project was also rated the best in the world! I was thinking, “There are hundreds of graphic designers on here, how in the world did I get the #1 rated?”

Kumar accepted the project, and it was completed on time, on budget, and exceeded my expectations.

Since then, Kumar and I have become great friends, and he has been my head designer ever since. I am so honored to have him lead as he understands exactly what I am looking for the very first try. As head of the Web Site development and graphic design team, he can create anything you can dream up. If you have a graphic design or web site project that needs special attention to detail, Kumar and the design team can get it done.

In my opinion, Kumar and Studio1Hub are the best logo design companies in the world, helping businesses to transform into brands. They understand your sentiments behind the business name, so we design a logo that stands out among the crowd. They are a leading brand identity design agency in global commerce that partners with businesses and assists them in brand building journey. We provide solutions that connect with the sentiment of your consumers.

They use cutting-edge technology to develop conversion-driven and highly optimized web solutions and are there with you at each stage until your business starts roaring online. They specialize in Logo Design, Corporate Design, Packaging and Label Design, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Video Animation, Content Writing, Product Photography, and SEO.

You can contact Kumar directly at the following:

Founder Director 
Branding • Website • SEO • Digital Marketing • Video Animation 

MUHAMMAD USMAN – Chief Mechanical Engineer

If you are looking for one of the top CAD developers, Muhammad Usman is one of the best in the world. Mahammad has worked directly with me over the last several years on both the Ducted Vortex and Solar Wind Turbine projects. As my Chief Mechanical Engineer, he understands every assignment in detail on the first try and gives me exactly what I ask for. Coming from similar mechanical engineering backgrounds but different generations and technology, Mahammad and I speak the same universal language when it comes to engineering and design.

He is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer known for his unwavering dedication and expertise in designing engines, mechanical, electrical systems, and simulations. With a robust educational background and professional experience, Muhammad has excelled in various domains of engineering.

His academic journey is adorned with professional degrees and courses, where he consistently demonstrated commendable performance. Passionate about innovation and endowed with a keen eye for detail, Muhammad has spearheaded projects in Industrial Automation and Instrumentation, showcasing his leadership and technical prowess. Drawing from diverse experiences at esteemed organizations such as Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Sapphire Power Plant, and Pakistan Railways, Muhammad has gained invaluable insights into aircraft manufacturing, power plant operations, and locomotive systems. Notably, he has contributed significantly to the field by designing and testing prototype Magnetic Refrigerators and Heat Exchangers, leveraging advanced engineering software.

Proficient in ANSYS, AutoCAD, and SOLIDWORKS, Muhammad seamlessly integrates technical expertise with practical skills, evident in his adeptness at 3D modeling and designing across various platforms. His commitment to excellence is matched by his accessibility—feels free to reach out to Muhammad at +923354770766 or via email at Connect with him on LinkedIn here to explore collaboration opportunities and stay updated on his latest endeavors.


I have searched the entire globe to find the best 3D video animation company in the world. Trust me, all Video Animation companies are not created equally. VIDEOMENTOR STUDIOS have been working with my company over the last several years on both the Ducted Vortex and Solar Wind Turbine Projects.  I am convinced they are the premier explainer video company in the world.

An explainer video is a necessity for all companies that want a marketing edge. They bring focus to brands, tell story, show how a product or invention works, and details a call to action.     

As master storytellers, their 3-D product animation services merge the expertise, a photo realistic product, rendering with storytelling to provide premium quality and effective product. They produce 3-D animations that help ambitious brands that are willing to show the value of their products to their prospective customers, and to take their products to the next level. They build engagement across social media channels, fund Kickstarter campaigns, and attract more potential customers. There are no shortcuts on explainer videos, and you get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a high-end out of this world explainer video for you project or invention, you can contact VIDEOMENTOR directly at:

"I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding videography work that went into capturing and producing the Solar Wind Turbine full preview video. Your meticulous attention to detail, creative vision, and technical expertise truly shone through in every frame. The video beautifully showcases the innovative design and functionality of the Solar Wind Turbine, captivating viewers and effectively communicating its significance. Your dedication and talent have undoubtedly played a crucial role in promoting this groundbreaking technology to a wider audience."

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Solar Wind Turbine With Lever Assist

Robert Wajda
Box 551293
Jacksonville, FL 32255

Phone: 904-631-8499

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In the arena of innovation encompassing today’s fast-paced research and development standards in keeping stride with competition in various competitive markets, it is rare to find an invention or novel concept that can provide such positive organic influence on two entirely different environmental sectors at the same time. (More…)

Robert G. Wajda, born February 1, 1968, is an American inventor and entrepreneur who specializes as a product visionary for innovations geared toward the future. (More…)

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US PAT NO. 11699760


US Publication #2023-0383728-A1