Nostalgic Patent Drawings by Robert Wajda

The old-school approach of designing all his products in pencil with a drafting board and machine arm gives them a nostalgic look. He then secures them in permanent Indian ink, which allows more creative thought processes to flow in and out of freehand drafting.

When creating renderings on a drawing board, large 18” x 24” vellum paper is positioned at a 45-degree angle. This specific angle enables the drawings to appear close to his favored visual perception, allowing creativity to flow more readily. Visual perception is key to why many artists and painters have worked from easels and drawing boards for centuries.

The decision-making and drafting process is measured, producing superior products once the drawings are finalized and lifted from the table. This specialized form of drafting pushes Mr. Wadja’s projects to the next level, shaping them tangibly with thick hand-drawn lines from the beginning.

People will always continue to study and refer to previous patent drawings for reference and detail. The quest for innovation inevitably begins with a simplistic starting point, even as the future approaches with generations more dependent on the aid of technology. 

(All drawings below were drawn by hand by Robert Wajda in India Ink)

Nostalgic Patent Drawings for the Dusted Vortex

The Ducted Vortex is a natural Heating and Cooling System that uses Eco-Friendly Green Technology that has no adverse negative effects on the environment. In comparison to modern HVAC Systems, this innovation has eliminated the need for a compressor, heating elements, and all refrigerants. This is done by creating a self-contained vortex that separates the high and low pressure to create hot and cold air on-demand.

This net-zero compliant innovation has been simplified to exist with very few moving parts and is scalable to any size. The unit is also the first-generation HVAC that recycles wasted mechanical energy and converts it directly into electricity which is added back into the unit. We are currently seeking funding to advance the project to the market-ready stage. If you would like to be part of this project, let us know in the investor relations section.

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US Publication #2023-0383728-A1