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The Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist

          The Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist via Compounded Mechanical Advantage is an innovation that allows energy-producing turbines to operate in all geographic regions of the United States. Designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the novelty of the proposed apparatus accommodates aerodynamically positioned ducted fans with included velocity-sensing pitot tubes perpendicular to the distal ends of the extension rods. The extension rods are further contributed into mechanical levers which provide a unique approach to a novel concept of compounded mechanical advantage, which applies additional torque to the central rotating fulcrum.

Complementing established wind turbine models, this technology will produce stronger outputs of green energy while expanding the geographic regions where they can be operated at full capacity. Traditional solar panel and wind turbine configurations, although classified as clean energy sources, are considered deficient sources of energy.

The present effort of revamping standard wind turbine design(s) with new feats of engineering will expand an existing industry into new horizons of solar and wind combinations. Focusing on the reduction of greenhouse gas output, this system adheres to cost-effective savings, energy-efficient ratings, and environmental integrity while helping to protect wildlife.


The Ducted Vortex – Heating and Cooling System of the Future

The Ducted Vortex is a natural Heating and Cooling System that uses Eco-Friendly Green Technology that has no adverse negative effects on the environment. In comparison to modern HVAC Systems, this innovation has eliminated the need for a compressor, heating elements, and all refrigerants. This is done by creating a self-contained vortex that separates the high and low pressure to create hot and cold air on demand.

This net-zero-compliant innovation has been simplified to exist with very few moving parts and is scalable to any size. The unit is also the first-generation HVAC that recycles wasted mechanical energy and converts it directly into electricity which is added back into the unit. We are currently seeking funding to advance the project to the market-ready stage. If you would like to be part of this project, let us know in the investor relations section.

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Solar Wind Turbine With Lever Assist

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