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The defining external feature that the Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist provides is ducted fans located at the extremities of the turbine arms. Typical solar wind turbines do not have or use this novel approach to initiate the rotation of the turbine. This provides for a plethora of Key Differentiators that completely separate the Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist into a class entirely of its own.

What constitutes this product’s main dissociation from anything else on the current wind turbine market is the true purpose of how the ground level and attached solar panels are incorporated into service when powering the system itself. Versions of current and previous solar wind turbines simply use their accommodated solar panels to generate a nominal amount of power to provide bursts of energy to assist in helping generate internal turbine rotation when limited to no wind is available in the area(s). A Key Differentiator and main component that our product provides includes these same solar panels only purpose, whether on ground level or fixed to the apparatus itself, is to supply a direct source of energy to power the newly incorporated ducted fans that are located on the distal ends of each turbine arm. Once powered, these fans function as the driving force that provides the needed torque to initiate the rotating motion that is commonly seen on existing turbines.

The uniqueness of our concept is that there is no need for wind because the built-in solar panels power the ducted fans which essentially act as the artificial wind that creates the familiar and nostalgic wind identity. An absolute Key difference this innovation showcases is patented lever assist technology that separates it from any other product on the market or already installed energy-producing wind turbine. This provides a newly coined term focused on compounded mechanical advantage in which the solar-powered ducted fans and turbine arms that act as levers pivoting on a central fulcrum


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Solar Wind Turbine With Lever Assist

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US PAT NO. 11699760


US Publication #2023-0383728-A1