Intellectual Merit

The Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist provides an early advancement of future wind turbine technology that can build upon existing knowledge and engineering capabilities of today’s current wind turbine models.

The intellectual merit of this novel solar wind turbine design can be further recognized as a considerate attempt to lay out the groundwork for new waves of cornerstone thinking in preparing what is to come for green energy sectors across all intelligentsia stratospheres. Without further advancements in such green energy endeavors and ‘thinking outside of the box’ mentalities, bridges to nowhere with extreme fiscal irresponsibility and the culpability of wasted funding efforts will continue to be revisited.

New innovative environmental approaches based on the merits of passion and academic achievement built on the attentiveness concerning the many intellectual arenas how to reach humanities goal of net-zero and create an environment with the extreme reduction of greenhouse gas emissions produced should be the prominent focal point of the intellectuals involved in such efforts.

It is the responsibility of the scientific and innovative communities to work together to meet a common goal of preserving the earth for the enjoyment of future generations to come and to also leave this planet cleaner than what they were born into.

The intellectual contribution of the Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist will have resounding impacts once instilled upon the green energy scientific communities at large that are currently focusing on viable solutions to eliminate real-world environmental concerns.


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Solar Wind Turbine With Lever Assist

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In the arena of innovation encompassing today’s fast-paced research and development standards in keeping stride with competition in various competitive markets, it is rare to find an invention or novel concept that can provide such positive organic influence on two entirely different environmental sectors at the same time. (More…)

Robert G. Wajda, born February 1, 1968, is an American inventor and entrepreneur who specializes as a product visionary for innovations geared toward the future. (More…)

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US PAT NO. 11699760


US Publication #2023-0383728-A1