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The Solar Wind Turbine with Lever Assist posits a Broad Impact that provides modernistic engineering approaches in discovering up-to-date solutions in revamping current wind turbine design(s) and marketplace viability. This innovation progresses an already existing green energy technology, only to further scientific headway in accomplishing the totality and goal of net- zero. The impact further provides the opportunity to improve upon capabilities unforeseen in current times and bring the future into the current energy sector.

The Broad Impact aim of such an endeavor is not to discredit or dissuade opinion from current wind turbine models and other developing wind turbines that are already installed and in place as industry fixtures. This innovation is particularly meant to create new streams of thought and discussion that contribute a real solution to an energy crisis for the United States’ ever-growing population and growth of the world at large.

Energy consumption amongst the populace is a growing concern moving into the near future with many power grids already not being able to handle current energy habits needed to provide proper outputs for cities, communities, and neighborhoods across the USA. Warming trends and future global models only predict dramatic increases in temperatures, especially in the summer months.

These weather changes are not just limited to elevated temperatures in the summer months, but also contribute to other erratic weather behavior including more frigid winters. These dramatic shifts in climate are the aftereffects of the expulsion of greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña global weather patterns. This correlation also directly relates to residential, commercial, and industrial increases in electricity use. In comparison with previous years, 2022 was the highest recorded year for energy consumption in the Continental United States.

When focused on daily heating and cooling solutions, the Broad Impact of such an innovation could provide substantial alleviation to a power grid’s energy distribution network. Such power grids are strategically positioned to meet the needs of the communities that are in its immediate circumference. Current energy prices are skyrocketing across America, which provides a grim outlook for consumer energy costs. This is in consideration that the cost of energy will only continue to grow due to inflation.

Once Solar Wind Turbines with Lever Assist infrastructures are stationed and functioning as propositioned, genuine green energy solutions will begin to take immediate action. The far-reaching effects of energy costs passed on to the consumer will be substantially recognized, especially the Economically Broad Impacts these alleviated prices will provide to those within lower socioeconomic statuses.

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